I use sshfs to mount a folder from a synology NAS (DS216+) locally to my Ubuntu machine. The command I use is

sshfs -o uid=1234,gid=1234,allow_other,default_permissions mysynology.box.com: /mnt/local.folder

The mount is (initially) succesful, in the sense that I can cd to the mounted folder from my ubuntu box, create files, etc.

However, when I try to use the mount for something actually useful, like to create/move/copy larger files in batch, or create/manipulate a git repo, the sshfs mount is reset, and I get a failed: Transport endpoint is not connected (107) error when I try to use the mount point from then on.

Note that, I have used the same command to mount folders by sshfs from two other, different unix boxes, other than the Synology box, with absolutely no problem.

What could be the cause / remedy to this problem?

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