I've got myself into a bit of trouble trying to upgrade the version of postgres on a server and now I want to revert back as it's caused some issues. I'm trying to back track and to uninstall a couple of repo's. I added the repo's with:

zypper addrepo -t YUM http://packages.2ndquadrant.com/postgresql-z-suse/zypper/sles-11sp3-s390x pg

zypper addrepo -t YUM http://packages.2ndquadrant.com/postgresql-z-suse/zypper/sles-11sp3 pgsrc

Is there any way I can run a command to uninstall these? I usually work with Debian and I'm in uncharted territory. I've googled this and someone suggested locating the repo directory and manually deleting them but others disagreed.

  • Not 100% sure, but isn't that what zypper removerepo is for? – Jan Jul 28 '17 at 10:09
  • I think you can try "zypper rr (url | alias) " – Vafa Jul 28 '17 at 11:41
  • or do it with YaST – Vafa Jul 28 '17 at 11:42

To remove a repository, use zypper rr followed by one of #|URL|alias

That zypper rr is short for zypper removerepo

Using your examples:

zypper rr http://packages.2ndquadrant.com/postgresql-z-suse/zypper/sles-11sp3-s390x

zypper rr http://packages.2ndquadrant.com/postgresql-z-suse/zypper/sles-11sp3


  1. zypper cheat sheet
  2. opensuse forum post: remove a repo

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