Following situation:

  • Network A is connected to network B over an slow connection.
  • Different hosts in network A would like to send traffic to hosts in network B.
  • Hosts in network B sending commands to network A

What to do:

  • Allow hosts in network A to send data with an average of 0.3 MBit/s and an maximum 0.5MBit/s. i would like to use token bucket for that.
  • Send TCP acknowledgements with priority from A to B. The commands from network B will be send with TCP. I don't want to block the command-transmission then the clients using the hole brandwith for data-transmission from A->B

The gateway router are linux systems with two interfaces. I figured out that i can use tc to configure traffic shaping.

My Commands:

sudo tc qdisc add dev eth0 handle 1: root tbf rate 300000  burst 500000  latency 1ms

A speedtest with iperf gave me 265 Kbits/sec as result.

Question: How can i set the correct tc rules for limiting traffic per client and prioritisation TCP ACK?

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