AFAIK this is the way that I can install for ex.: XYZ on OpenBSD:

pkg_add -Uvi XYZ

How can I get a list for all the dependencies regarding XYZ package?

-> So I need a list about .tgz filenames that pkg_add will download/install/update when I need to install given XYZ package.

What is the command to generate a list for XYZ package?

  • please ask if it's unclear :) – gasko peter May 8 '12 at 22:24
  • Why not just grab the ports tree, and check the Makefile for the ports you care about? – gabe. Jun 22 '12 at 17:48

Looks like dependencies are specified in the packing list. You can see the packing list with pkg_info -f.

So, assuming PKG_PATH is already set:

pkg_info -f XYZ | grep '^@depend' | cut -f 3 -d :

should give you the package names.

Prepending $PKG_PATH and appending .tgz to each line should give you a URL that's probably what would be downloaded, e.g. to get bash's dependencies:

export PKG_PATH
pkg_info -f bash | grep '@depend' | cut -f 3 -d : | while read package; do
    echo $PKG_PATH$package.tgz



See also pkg_add -n and PKG_CACHE.


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