What would be the fastest way to run unknown scripts and apps in *nix environments?

For example, to forbid writing and reading outside the working directory. Or to restrict access to hardware and most commands.

A virtual machine seems to be the most flexible. Adding a new restricted user is another option.

Are there better ways?


You can use namespaces to isolate the unknown process from the rest of the system; one tool which simplifies this, with a specific emphasis on security, is bubblewrap (which is used e.g. by Flatpak).

On Fedora-style systems, it’s as simple as

bwrap --ro-bind /usr /usr --symlink usr/lib64 /lib64 --proc /proc --dev /dev --unshare-pid bash

but you should read the documentation.

This approach is more secure than using restricted users, and lighter weight than using a VM. Whether that’s better depends on your exact requirements.

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