I want to grep and print disabled string from below output

$ grep "s_icsmstatus" $CONTEXT_FILE
<oa_service_status oa_var="s_icsmstatus">disabled</oa_service_status>

I can use something like

$ grep "s_icsmstatus" $CONTEXT_FILE | awk -F ">" '{print $(NF-1)}' | awk -F "</" '{print $(NF-1)}'

But is there any alternative simple or straigt way to do this?

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Use grep -o:

grep "s_icsmstatus" $CONTEXT_FILE | grep -o 'disabled' 

-o provides as output only the exact match for the provided pattern, rather than the entire line in which the match is made.


grep is not the best tool for parsing html tags, but with a little help of Perl syntax one can do the following:

$ grep -Po 's_icsmstatus">\K[^<]*' $CONTEXT_FILE

the essential part is \K which cuts away everything matched so far, and we print only rest, i.e. everything till the next <.


You could use the following, which is a bit more universal as it can grab any word between the XML tags... not just the word 'disabled':

grep "s_icsmstatus" test.txt | awk -F">" '{print $2}' | awk -F"<" '{print $1}'

Reference: http://code.scottshipp.com/2013/06/27/easily-extract-data-from-xml-using-grep-and-awk/

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