I'm using ranger and when I navigate to a folder with audio files and press enter it plays mp3 files in terminal.

The terminal audio program isn't my default as when I double click from GUI a different program opens.

I want to figure out what program Ranger is using so I can try using it manually for wave files, which aren't opening in Ranger.

Any suggestions on finding out what program is being used?

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    you could try strace or similar (e.g. sysdig) to see what is being exec'd – thrig Jun 26 '18 at 1:51

The applications which ranger uses are defined in the rifle.conf.

These are the default settings under Fedora for audio related stuff:

# Audio without X
mime ^audio|ogg$, terminal, has mplayer  = mplayer -- "$@"
mime ^audio|ogg$, terminal, has mplayer2 = mplayer2 -- "$@"
mime ^audio|ogg$, terminal, has mpv      = mpv -- "$@"
ext midi?,        terminal, has wildmidi = wildmidi -- "$@"

# Video/Audio with a GUI
mime ^video|audio, has gmplayer, X, flag f = gmplayer -- "$@"
mime ^video|audio, has smplayer, X, flag f = smplayer "$@"
mime ^video,       has mpv,      X, flag f = mpv -- "$@"
mime ^video,       has mpv,      X, flag f = mpv --fs -- "$@"
mime ^video,       has mplayer2, X, flag f = mplayer2 -- "$@"
mime ^video,       has mplayer2, X, flag f = mplayer2 -fs -- "$@"
mime ^video,       has mplayer,  X, flag f = mplayer -- "$@"
mime ^video,       has mplayer,  X, flag f = mplayer -fs -- "$@"
mime ^video|audio, has vlc,      X, flag f = vlc -- "$@"
mime ^video|audio, has totem,    X, flag f = totem -- "$@"
mime ^video|audio, has totem,    X, flag f = totem --fullscreen -- "$@"

Locate your ranger config folder(usually $HOME/.config/ranger), open the rifle.conf file and search for those lines.

  • I don't have a rifle.conf in that folder. The folder does exists and contains these sub-folders: bookmarks history tagged – Philip Kirkbride Jul 24 '17 at 20:29
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    Look for the file in /usr/share/doc/ranger/config – jsus Jul 24 '17 at 20:32
  • so ranger has re-invented mailcap(5)? – cas Jul 25 '17 at 2:28
  • Where is rifle.conf located? @jsus – alper Jun 6 '18 at 9:19

After startup, ranger creates a directory ~/.config/ranger. To copy the default configuration to this directory issue the following command:

$ ranger --copy-config=all

rc.conf - startup commands and key bindings
commands.py - commands which are launched with :
rifle.conf - applications used when a given type of file is launched.

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