I have a Debian Wheezy i386 machine, and I have to migrate all packages to another machine with Wheezy amd64.

I tried to select all packages with dpkg --get-selections, but there are many libraries with *-i386 suffix, and I'm wondering what will happen if I try to install those packages on the other machine, because of its different arch.

Should I remove all the i386 packages from the selections list, or change their suffix to amd64?


Packages whose names contain i386 will in all likelihood need manual processing. There might be corresponding packages with amd64 in their name, e.g. kernel packages; those would be appropriate in this case. Others won’t have direct equivalents, e.g. ia32-libs-i386, and will have to be handled appropriately using multi-arch (if they’re still necessary).

Packages listed as :i386 (note the colon) are multiarch-capable packages and should be replaced with their corresponding :amd64 variant in most cases.

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