Running Centos 7 w/ Apache 2.4. Setting up a repository with a virtual host which I want to be able to display non-index.html files and directories in the document root directory. But when I access it in a browser, I get the Apache testing page. So, I look at /etc/httpd/conf.d/welcome.conf and see that all I need to do is comment out all the lines (tested it and it works as advertised). But I want to keep this functionality on all sites, just not on this single virtual host.

How do I disable the welcome page on a per virtual host basis?

[michael@mybox main]$ cat /etc/httpd/conf.d/welcome.conf
# This configuration file enables the default "Welcome" page if there
# is no default index page present for the root URL.  To disable the
# Welcome page, comment out all the lines below.
# NOTE: if this file is removed, it will be restored on upgrades.
<LocationMatch "^/+$">
    Options -Indexes
    ErrorDocument 403 /.noindex.html

<Directory /usr/share/httpd/noindex>
    AllowOverride None
    Require all granted

Alias /.noindex.html /usr/share/httpd/noindex/index.html
Alias /noindex/css/bootstrap.min.css /usr/share/httpd/noindex/css/bootstrap.min.css
Alias /noindex/css/open-sans.css /usr/share/httpd/noindex/css/open-sans.css
Alias /images/apache_pb.gif /usr/share/httpd/noindex/images/apache_pb.gif
Alias /images/poweredby.png /usr/share/httpd/noindex/images/poweredby.png
[michael@mybox main]$

Override it in the appropriate virtual host

<LocationMatch "^/+$">
    Options +Indexes

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