Lets suppose I have a module named "mptsas". How can I find out, what kernel configuration menu entry (make menuconfig inside /usr/src/linux) corresponds to that module?

By 'corresponds' I mean what menu entry compiles the appropriate module into the kernel.

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//edit: it works very nicely: enter image description here

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There is no recorded association. You need to explore the makefiles in the kernel source. You'll find lines like

obj-$(CONFIG_FUSION_SAS)        += mptbase.o mptscsih.o mptsas.o

This means that:

  • If CONFIG_FUSION_SAS is y, then the drivers mptbase, mptscsih and mptsas are compiled into the kernel.
  • If CONFIG_FUSION_SAS is m, then the drivers mptbase, mptscsih and mptsas are compiled as modules.
  • If CONFIG_FUSION_SAS is n, then the drivers mptbase, mptscsih and mptsas are not compiled.

The command grep -R --include=Makefile '\bNAME\.o\b' from the top of the kernel source tree will return the relevant makefile line in most cases.


Be warned that the lsmod command lists module's name, not the module's filename. They may be different. For instance the aesni_intel module is located in a module file aesni-intel (hyphen, not underscore); therefore you must search for aesni-intel in order to find the corresponding kernel configuration tag entry:

$ grep -R --include=Makefile '\baesni-intel\.o\b'
arch/x86/crypto/Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_CRYPTO_AES_NI_INTEL) += aesni-intel.o

EDIT: In this circumstance it may be useful the modinfo command that it shows the module's filename:

# modinfo aesni_intel | grep filename
filename:       /lib/modules/5.10.162/kernel/arch/x86/crypto/aesni-intel.ko

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