If I have already started a job with GNU parallel in a similar fashion to:

$ cat jobs | parallel -j 70 "program {};"

is it possible, by e.g. some signal, to adjust the number of jobs of this parallel job? So that I could indicate to parallel that there should now be run at most 75 sub-jobs?



Number of simultaneous jobs


--jobs can read from a file which is re-read when a job finishes:

echo 50% > my_jobs
/usr/bin/time parallel -N0 --jobs my_jobs sleep 1 :::: num128 &
sleep 1
echo 0 > my_jobs

The first second only 50% of the CPU cores will run a job. Then 0 is put into my_jobs and then the rest of the jobs will be started in parallel.

I highly recommend spending an hour walking through the tutorial. Your command line will love you for it.

  • Thanks! Needs a bit of forethought, but I can do that. – gauteh Jul 21 '17 at 7:39

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