I am trying to make a timer in Bash which countdowns 20 minutes and then starts a 10 minute break immediately after the previous. Then the loop continues and returns again to 20 minutes.

while [[ 0 -ne $MIN ]]; do
    echo "$MIN"
    sleep 1
WHILE [[ 0 -ne $BREAK ]]; do
    echo "$BREAK"
    sleep 1

I made it with seconds here. So 20 seconds pass by and then the 10 seconds start immediately. But when the 10 seconds expire the script stops. Is there a way to start again with 20 minutes?

Thank you!


As you know, to repeat a block of code you use a while do ... done loop. So to start all over again you just need to wrap the entire segment of code in another while... loop.

This time the condition can be just the command true. So you'd get this:

while true
    # Put the code to be repeated forever in here
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  • I was close to solving it but I was missing something. Thank you! – Dankata Jul 20 '17 at 9:15

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