I made a short script which can export various KDE settings from user home directory to use as a basis for a quick setup of the desktop environment on a different machine.

I was successful with all the settings that were of interest to me, but only one is elusive: I can't seem to find where the chosen keyboard layouts are stored. Basically, I would like to get to all the configuration that can be manipulated from the KDE settings application under the System Settings > Hardware > Input Devices > Keyboard > Layout tab (particularly the layouts themselves and the keyboard shortcut to switch between them). Does anyone have any idea? Maybe these settings are not specific to KDE and manipulate different configuration files? Thanks for any tips.

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After some time of searching and playing with grep, I was able to locate the configuration file: ~/.config/kxkbrc.

  • didn't work for me Commented Mar 13, 2020 at 16:48
  • I see the LayoutList=us in that file, but do you know the location where these layout are saved?
    – Typewar
    Commented Oct 29, 2020 at 21:47

I am running kde4 on CentOS 7 and I found these settings on ~/.kde/share/config/kxkbrc

I realize this is more than one year old and that OP is asking for KDE5, but if you come here and would like to start somewhere, please search where I mentioned.

Now I want to know how to force refresh those settings.

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