In a course I'm taking on Bacula/Bareos, the instructor states that running sudo systemctl restart bareos-dir will stop (and ruin) any running backup jobs when an op does this to update the configuration. And instead the instructor states that on a production system, an op should go into the bconsole and run the reload command to update the configuration without harming any jobs that are currently running.

So considering this, does running sudo systemctl reload bareos-dir do the same thing as running reload in the bconsole; does it reload the configuration without harming any currently running backups?


Yes it does. However it is recommended to run it from bconsoleas it will show you errors if there's something wrong with your new config


  • Tip1. Run echo reload | bconsole to avoid connecting to bconsole. It will still show stdout from bconsole in your tty
  • Tip2. Run echo messages | bconsole to show any logged messages

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