I have a Debian Lenny box with Gnome desktop. I've installed Tightvnc server on it and would like to see a Gnome session when connecting from another computer using VNC viewer. But for some reason it opens the "X Desktop" with only a terminal window visible. What could be wrong?

I used these instructions for editing the configuration (~/.vnc/xstartup). So looks like it's not recognizing gnome-session & and is falling back to generic session instead. Why?

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    Add set -x to get a trace of the script's execution. You may also need exec >~/.vnc-startup-$DISPLAY.log 2>&1 to get the log to a known place, although it should appear in ~/.vnc/darkstar:9 without the exec line (where darkstar is your hostname and 9 is the display number). Post the trace in your question. – Gilles Nov 5 '10 at 19:03

Since it wasn't a production box I just removed and then re-installed Gnome desktop environment. After that RealVNC works without problems with Gnome. @Gilles - I came back here after the reinstall was already done so problem was solved. But thanks for the advice.

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