I am trying to enable the serial console on my SystemD VM so I can get in to it via the console, but when connecting it is not letting me select the user.

Reading through the serial console documentation it seems that I only need to add console=ttyS0 to the COMMAND_LINE_LINUX section of grub, and SystemD will automatically start listening for serial connections.

When connecting to the system via virsh console {system_id} it outputs:

$ sudo virsh console 1

With no user prompt.
I tried the user's password, and setting a root password but nothing seems to be working.
I tried setting up the serial terminal manually and setting autologin to the user:

systemctl enable serial-getty@ttyS0

Editing the agetty line to add --autologin user, but no effect.

I saw this question and confirmed that my kernel config should have CONFIG_FHANDLE=Y though I can't find the config file locally to verify, only in their repository.

Any ideas how I can get the serial console working?


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This was another case of "I am an idiot".

I think I was mistaking my sudo password prompt for the VM user login...

Anyhow after rebuilding the machine the full steps to enable the serial console on Solus:


systemctl enable serial-getty@ttyS0
systemctl start serial-getty@ttyS0


sudo virsh console {system_id}

Making sure to type in your Host's sudo password, and you are done.

Interestingly I had to do it this way instead of just adding the Grub command line option, haven't figured out why yet.

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