I want to extract a specific directory from the wordpress tarball. specifically wp-includes to .. It appears that the directory structure inside the tarball is wordpress/wp-includes but I just need./wp-includes once it's been extracted, no leading wordpress directory. How would I do this?


To extract a specific directory (and its contents, recursively), just pass it as an extra argument on the command line. With GNU tar, you can strip a leading directory with the --strip-components option (and more generally transform the file names with --transform). On non-Linux systems, you can use pax (it's in POSIX, but some Linux distributions omit it from their default installation) and its -s option.

tar xf foo.tar --strip-components=1 wordpress/wp-includes  #GNU tar
pax -r <foo.tar -pp -s '!^wordpress/!!' wordpress/wp-includes

You can merge the inclusion list with the rewriting rules by appending a rule to rewrite everything to the empty name (which means “don't extract”; the rule only applies if the previous rules didn't match).

pax -r <foo.tar -pp -s '!^wordpress/\(wp-includes/\)!\1!' -s !.*!!

Assuming you have GNU tar, you can use --strip-components:

$ tar xaf tarball.tar.gz --strip=1 wordpress/wp-includes

I believe current versions of BSD tar also support --strip-components. In the worst case, you could do:

$ tar xzf tarball.tar.gz wordpress/wp-includes
$ mv wordpress/wp-includes .
$ rmdir wordpress
  • I ended up doing the latter just because in a hurry, but good to know the former exists. – xenoterracide Nov 5 '10 at 11:26
  • Would it be possible to use a command that doesn't require explicitly naming the stripped component (e.g. wordpress)? I need this when I'm extracting GitHub created tarballs which contain the git revision in the stripped component which I don't know in advance. – tjanez Dec 15 '14 at 13:54

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