I tried googling the question What is the difference between cups-filters + foomatic-filters but I could not find anything helpful. The most descriptive result was from a mailing list but did not seem to answer my question.

In (k)ubuntu these 2 packages are mutually exclusive and I am trying to work out which to install.

In case it is relevant CUPS is already installed.

  • '+' is not always synonymous with 'and'. I would have replaced both cases but the second was in a quote.
    – hildred
    Jul 14, 2017 at 21:18
  • You might get some info from OpenPrinting where for cups-filters it says From CUPS 1.6.0 on, this package is required for using printer drivers with CUPS under Linux.. See also the foomatic page.
    – meuh
    Jul 15, 2017 at 9:34

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The last release of foomatic-filters is 4.017 dated July 2012. Since then foomatic-filters have been included in cups-filters as "foomatic-rip":

Some time ago the cups-filters maintainers took over maintainership of the foomatic-filters part for CUPS as well, and integrated it cleanly into cups- filters. That's the reason for the blocker; recent cups-filters contain the newest foomatic code available. The former separate foomatic-filters package is now unmaintained.

So nowadays the only relevant package is cups-filters, which provides foomatic-rip.


Both CUPS and Foomatic are printer drivers.

Since are both drivers, they are mutually excluded each other.

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