Here is an abridged output of lsof -i tcp:XXXXXX:

python3 9336 root 3u IPv4 3545328
python3 9336 root 5u IPv4 3545374

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$ man 8 lsof | grep -A 10 '^\s\{7\}DEVICE'
   DEVICE     contains the device numbers, separated by commas, for a character special, block special, regular, directory or NFS file;

              or ``memory'' for a memory file system node under Tru64 UNIX;

              or the address of the private data area of a Solaris socket stream;

              or a kernel reference address that identifies the file (The kernel reference address may be used for FIFO's, for example.);

              or the base address or device name of a Linux AX.25 socket device.

              Usually only the lower thirty two bits of Tru64 UNIX kernel addresses are displayed.

Or type

man 8 lsof

Inside man you can search with /. Than type directley without space a regex. In your case ^\s*DEVICE and you will jump to DEVICE.

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