Can someone tell me what is wrong with this loop?

enter image description here

The error that I have is on the line 107 (first line of the loop). It says:

[V2016057174800: command not found.

I am trying to associate two the same filename from two different documents (if that makes sense).

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    [ is a command itself, and needs a space after it (you'll also need a space before the ]). Please paste in text instead of using a screenshot, too. – user4443 Jul 12 '17 at 19:44

Your formatting is very strange! You probably want to fix that first to make this code somewhat readable! That said, your problem is the lack of spaces around [ and ].

These characters [ ] are actually just shorthand for the command test. You should change the first line to read as follows:

in bash

if [[ "$L1Aname" == "$filename" ]]; then


in POSIX shells

if [ "$L1Aname" = "$filename" ]; then

inside both of which examples, each character maters:

For example spaces: there need to be spaces around [ and ].

Plus notice the subtle difference between bash and POSIX in the double / single =.

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