I am confused recently about sd-dbus && dbus-daemon.

In this blog: http://0pointer.net/blog/the-new-sd-bus-api-of-systemd.html

lenart says from v221 release of systemd use sd-dbus API

I read some blogs and get a result , but do not know is it correct?


there are 3 kinds of dbus libarys

  1. libdbus
  2. GDbus
  3. sdbus

Is it correct ?


we konw dbus-daemon is based on libdbus .

But we know systemd have a dbus-daemon also ? why lenart says systemd is based on sd-dbus but not libdbus?


lenart says after v221 release of systemd use sd-dbus API, But I see before v221 there are sd-dbus in source code also ,that's why ?

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