My shell script is run over SSH this way:

ssh -i mycert.pem testuser@myserver.com <<SSHBLOCK
pm2 logs --lines 100 &
sleep 3
kill $pid

The script works as expected when on local server (not wrapped in sshblock). But when I need to get logs on remote server, $pid is just blank. Why is $! empty when used in the SSHBLOCK above?

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    Hint: Where is $! being expanded? In the local shell, where the heredoc is created, or the remote shell, where the heredoc contents are executed? stackoverflow.com/questions/4937792/… – muru Jul 10 '17 at 8:19

You must use a quote '' or escape \ to expand the variable remotely.So,use the here document <<'SSHBLOCK' OR <<\SSHBLOCK

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