I find myself using bash more often than not on remote machines even though fish is my preferred shell. Fish has small, but nice feature that when you hit Ctrl+C something like this happens:

if command running
   send SIGINT
   clear line (don't start a new one)

It would be nice to be able to do this in bash too.

I imagine it would involve trapping SIGINT, which comes from stty being configured to send it once Ctrl+C is hit, but I haven't found out how to execute the pseudo-code above.

What I've tried

trap 'tput dl1' SIGINT

which clears the line, but still continues to start a new line/prompt (it's like hitting enter on an empty prompt) and does so only if I've not navigated in history :\

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OK, after a bit of fiddling with trap, tput and terminfo, I think I figured it out (thanks to another question).

For a standard commandline with only 1 line e.g bash-4.3$ echo something here

trap 'tput dl1; tput cuu1' SIGINT is what I needed.

bash will:

  • delete the line
  • move the cursor up

and finally start a new line (hence the move the cursor up).

If your commandline has 2 or more lines e.g

name@host /path/to/some/dir
$ echo something here

Then another tput dl1; tput cuu1 will have to be added, to delete the extra line --> trap 'tput dl1; tput cuu1; tput dl1; tput cuu1' SIGINT

I guess I'll see if this has any adverse effects.

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