I alt-clicked on a window's title bar and removed the bar by clicking "No border" but now I have no accessible means to restore that window's title bar. Is there a way to open KWin for that specific window? What are my options for restoring the window's border? (Plasma 5, if it's version-specific.)


Check in Systemsettings > Application Style > Window Decorations

there should be an option to set borders.

or edit the following config file: ~/.config/kwinrc

look for the line: BorderlessMaximizedWindows=true

and either change it to false or comment it out.

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  • Neither of these apply to me. I'm also on Plasma 5. There's no option to set borders, and the line in kwinrc already doesn't exist. – chreekat Jun 29 '18 at 13:47

Focus window:

Alt+F3 ⇒ "more actions" ⇒ uncheck "no border"

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press Alt+F3 on window with focus:

choose menu item(s): more actions > [deselect] 'no borders'

You should get a message dialog when you 'hide border' that reads something like ... blah, blah. use Alt+F3 to show menu allowing you to do the above with your mouse.

If you are Not getting the message do this (utf-8 editor!): Edit file: ~/.kde4(.kde)/share/config/kwin_dialogsrc Change or Add the Line(s):

[Notification Messages]

Save, Done. (no restart necessary)

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I needed to do the same thing, but I didn't find anything relevant in ~/.config/kwinrc.

I found the application-specific settings in ~/.config/kwinrulesrc. I removed them with Vim, and restarted kwin_x11, and restored the border on the program I had previously removed the border from.

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