Still having issues trying to remove lines in a LARGE file containing strings listed in another LARGE file.

  grep -vwFf file1 file2 - FAILS due to memory exhaustion.

I have used:

  comm -23 file1 file2


It works for sorted files and really large files - but it only works for removing duplicate lines - not removing lines containing a string.

The two large files I have are sorted so that the strings I am searching for are at the begining of every line:

text file:

  AAAAA blah blah blah
  AAAAB blas blas blas
  CCCCC sdf sf sdf

string file




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Why do you not burst $file1 into many smaller ones (in /tmp or use mktemp), then loop over each $file1, using it for grep ... what the ideal size of the pattern file ($file1) is, depends on your system.

Here, each $file1 will have 1000 lines.

i=1 while [ $i -lt $count ] do sed -n "$i,$(($i +1000))p" file1.txt >> /tmp/file${1}.txt i=$(( $i + 1001)) done

Now you have a bunch of files in /tmp named file.txt, so you do:

for file1 in $(ls /tmp/file*.txt) do grep -vwFf $file1 file2 done

Safer with mktemp:


for file1 in $(ls ${TEMP_DIR}/file*.txt) do grep -vwFf $file1 file2 done

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