How do I completely delete an old VM in a Xen host?

I want to reinstall the vm new from scratch with

xen-create-image --hostname=something --size=8Gb --swap=2Gb --memory=1Gb --ip= --dist=jessie

I already shut it down with

xl destroy something

but I want to get free of the disk-space and create the whole virtual-mashine new. If I just try to recreate it now with the xen-create-image command, I get an error

Configuration file already exists; /etc/xen/something.cfg 
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    rm /etc/xen/something.cfg? To overwrite the last disks with the same name, I think just using -fworks too. – Ziazis Jul 7 '17 at 9:50
  • Which version of XenServer are you using? – Amit24x7 Jul 7 '17 at 9:58

To list the VMs on the server:

xe vm-list

To remove, you first need to shut it down then destroy it.

xe vm-shutdown uuid=<uuid-of-vm>
xe vm-destroy uuid=<uuid-of-vm>

To destroy storage repository (SR):

xe sr-list
xe pbd-unplug uuid=<uuid-of-pbd>
xe sr-forget uuid=<uuid-of-sr>

To remove virtual disks (VDI):

xe vdi-destroy uuid=<uuid-of-vdi>
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You can just recreate with with the option --force (-f is ambigious):

xen-create-image --force --hostname=something --size=8Gb --swap=2Gb --memory=1Gb --ip= --dist=jessie
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