We have Linux Vm in our environment (rhel 5.11) . It's showing average CPU consumption +90%(%sys,%usr consumed but not %iowait) checked by sar and top.

Now when I see top or ps outputs , it's showing no offending processes.

Checked the machine from esxi as well (using esxtop) , there also it's showing CPU consumption on machine.

Any suggestions what to troubleshoot further ?

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It clearly seems the ESXI host is starved for resources.

You should identify which machines are competing for resources (I/O, RAM, CPU), as the starvation of one resource normally affects the others.

Maybe you have misbehaved servers, over-provisioned servers, too much things running on them, or simply maybe is time to redistribute some VMs to other virtualisation hosts.


Thanks for your reply. Finally got solution for the problem, it was due to a user who was using wrong smtp server for sending his email. Resulting in high message queue. Once,its fixed VM cpu consumption and load, all came down fine.

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