I'm using Linux Mint 18 sarah.

I'm trying to connect to an OpenVPN server (setup on Mikrotik router) using the OpenVPN client available on Linux Mint.

The VPN connection is successful, I can access the servers once the VPN is connected but I cannot access the Internet.

So, I want to check if I can connect to the Internet by enabling the option "use this connection only for resource on its network" for the OpenVPN connection in "Network Settings".

But when I select "use this connection only for resource on its network" option the "Apply" button remains inactive and I cannot apply the changes. So I could not do my testing.

Could someone please help on this? I could not figure out if I'm missing some network settings or this is a bug.

The snapshot of the problem:"Apply Button Inactive, Network Settings"

Thanks in advance.


same problem on F26. I was able to do it using nm-connection-editor from the command line. Maybe there are some bugs in that interface.

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    If you could elaborate on the steps required using nm-connection-editor, that would make this a better Answer. – Jeff Schaller Sep 16 '17 at 14:34
  • nm-connection-editor is pretty similar to the "Network Settings" interface so it should be trivial to use it. – roberto Sep 16 '17 at 17:04

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