I'm using https://github.com/magicmonty/bash-git-prompt to customize my bash prompt. so, my prompt usually looks something like this

✔ ~/dotfiles [master|⚑ 1] 15:00 $

is there any command with which I can capture that prompt text? I want the [master|⚑ 1] text without having to copy the bash-git-prompt code into a new shell script.


if you're using bash 4.x, you can capture it into a variable


or just output it for capture into a pipeline

echo "${PS1@P}"

You can also use script to capture a terminal session - including the prompt as displayed - to a file which you can then trim and use for whatever nefarious purposes:

$ script foo
$ exit
$ cat foo
Script started on Thu Jul  6 12:59:45 2017
$ exit
Script done on Thu Jul  6 12:59:48 2017

Not shown here are all the ANSI color codes which spiff up the prompt.

  • i'm on bash 3.2 – kenwarner Jul 6 '17 at 21:06
  • @DopeGhoti This doesn't work. I am in bash4.3 – SibiCoder Feb 20 '20 at 8:35
  • Define 'doesn't work'. script is an external tool, so it doesn't care what version of bash (or indeed what shell) you're using. – DopeGhoti Feb 20 '20 at 14:17

Found a good solution here https://stackoverflow.com/a/44090232/55948

eval 'echo -en "'$PS1'"'

  • This will not show the expanded prompt. – DopeGhoti Jul 6 '17 at 22:31
  • you usually go around downvoting 2 year old answers from noobs?? just leave the comment maybe – kenwarner Aug 1 '19 at 20:06

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