a question to SSH-tunneling. I am trying to proxy Firefox over a Pi, that is in a network behind a NAT. This Pi builds a reverse SSH tunnel to one of my servers, which works pretty well.
When proxying, I usually run 'ssh -N -D54321 -f user@host' and tell my Firefox to forward everything to port 54321, but this time I am overasked.

Is it possible to effectively chain SSH-tunnels, including a reverse SSH-tunnel? And if yes, what is the easiest and most effective way to do so? In short terms - how do I tunnel an application from my computer over a server to a reverse tunneld pi? Thanks in advance!

(I'm using proxychains as a proxifier if this is relevant)

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One very easy way to do it is to use a recent version of OpenSSH which supports the -J flag (or the ProxyJump configuration):

ssh -N -D54321 -f -J user@onehost,user@anotherhost,user@yetanotherhost user@finalhost
  • Thanks, that's it! In my case tho command I execute is: ssh -N -D54321 -f -J user@server user@localhost -p19998 - so without comma.
    – t3ngu
    Jul 6, 2017 at 15:17

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