I'm trying to achieve something like this: If user will run make build_x version=1.0 then show Building version 1.0, else (make build_x without version param) show Building version latest. But what is the key here - I need to version be - by default value (to be able to use it properly with git). This is why I use additional variable version_info for replacing - with latest.

So my code looks like this:

    $(eval version ?= -)        
    $(eval version_info = ${if ["${version}" == "-"], "latest", "${version}"})

    ${INFO} "Doing checkout according to version $(version_info)..."

I know that probably issue is with this condition given to if.

Any ideas?

  • What kind of makefile? GNU? – Michael Homer Jul 5 '17 at 8:02
  • Yes, sorry for not mentioning it. – marverix Jul 5 '17 at 8:24

This works for me:

version ?= -
ifeq (-,$(version))
  version_info = latest
  version_info = $(version)

    @echo version_info = $(version_info)

It sets version to - if unset, then fills in version_info appropriately.

Using target-specific variables, and a one-liner variant:

build_x: version ?= -
build_x: version_info = $(if $(version:-=),$(version),latest)
    @echo version_info = $(version_info)

This works as follows (see the overall GNU Make documentation):

  • version ?= - sets version to - if it’s not already set
  • if checks its first argument, evaluates it to see if it’s empty or not, and is replaced with the second argument if the first is non-empty, and the third if it is
  • $(version:-=) evaluates version, replacing - with the empty string (: introduces the replacement, the search key is the text before =, the replacement is the text after =)

You could put the target-specific variable value feature to good use here:

build_x: version := latest
     @echo "Building version $(version)"

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