So I'd like to gain some insight into which processes (incl. daemons) upload and download how much data on my Debian 9 machine.

Sadly the System Monitor does not display such information. I'd prefer a GUI over the console. I have tried nethogs which is probably what people would recommend for such endeavors, however it only shows the current network traffic processes instead of cumulative information such as a proper statistic or ordered list. I'm aware of wireshark.

  • There is no cumulative data unless you store it explicitly. You may use iptables counters (stackoverflow.com/questions/17548383/…) or send each daemon traffic via proxy and parse its logs (like squid http proxy logs may be processed with SquidAnalyzer or awstats etc)
    – user996142
    Jul 4, 2017 at 14:38

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If the optional netatop kernel module is loaded and netatopd is running, atop can show this information.

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