I need to install a linux distribution; i like the distro debian-like. I used to use ubuntu, i tryied the new version..it seems to me to be a fake of Mac OS...something just to let you say: yeee i have a dock too...:(

Can you suggest me some distributions that are similar to the previous ubuntu versions?

I mean professional and user friendly, not just eyecandy that use 30% CPU to open a window...

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  • Just sharing a link. Don't know much about Debian Med but you may find it interesting. – jw013 Apr 27 '12 at 21:28
  • This has an actual answer: Try out an alternative desktop environment. KDE (which is more windows-like), Xfce, Enlightenment.... There's a lot out there, and most of them are not Mac-like. And they work on Ubuntu, so you don't have to install a whole new OS - just install the new one, log out, and switch which one to log in using. – Izkata Apr 28 '12 at 1:33

Are you sure it isn't mac saying, "Look we have a desktop like GNOME!".

openSUSE is nice and comes in several flavours like KDE (windows like with several add-ons), gnome (like mac...), and lxde/xfce (lighweight distros).

It uses an RPM based package management system with zypper (libzypp).

YaST is also awesome in openSUSE. It makes system management very user-friendly.

If you don't like what you see, build your own with suseStudio!

Not sure if they are like 'previous ubuntu' versions. But the open source world is always advancing/changing and it doesn't hurt to adapt and learn new things.

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