I've got a computer that boots off an SSD, with an HDD for miscellaneous user data (currently, my /home partition).

I want to move some installed software from /usr/local/bin to a directory on the HDD, to save space on the SSD for things where the improved loading time is more significant (and also save wear on the SSD).

Is there a standard place to put that sort of thing, or should I just come up with something myself and add it to my PATH/symlink it into /usr/local/bin?

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I'm not aware of any standard having rules or recommendations for this situation, however it is fairly common so well worth discussing.

Firstly, I would avoid symlinks. In my opinion it is usually much cleaner to modify the path. Using either /etc/environment or /etc/profile is probably best.

As for directory structure, I would recommend something along the lines of local/ (/mnt/hdd/local/bin for example). This would be consistent with using $HOME/.local as a user software prefix and /usr/local as a sysadmin's custom/non-distro software prefix.

As for only installing the binaries, for most software that would be a case of setting exec_prefix=/path/to/local/. For other software, you would need to look at their specific build documentation.

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