What I want to do is made C-h not send backwards-delete-char

there is nothing about it in my inputrc files but is shows up in bind -p

  • It is default for both vi and emacs mode, check man readline | grep "C-H" . Try adding "\C-h": "" to your ~/.inputrc file. – user996142 Jun 30 '17 at 16:00

C-h is bound to backward-delete-char by default. If you don't like that, bind it to a different command in your .inputrc, e.g.

"\C-h": nop

to make it do nothing.

Note that if your terminal sends C-h for the BackSpace key¹, and C-h is not explicitly bound to an existing command (so not nop), then C-h will execute backward-delete-char.

¹ More precisely, if your terminal's configuration tell applications that this is so. This is the erase character in the stty settings. You can display stty settings by running stty -a.

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