A new vulnerability has discovered on the systemd package called Evil DNS allowing the remote control of a linux machine. From the security-tracker.debian , the debian Stretch , Buster and Sid are vulnerable. ( Also affect a various Linux distro with Systemd)

System check:

On Debian Stretch , my systemd --version is systemd 232 before and after the system update.

The systemctl status systemd-resolved.service command say that the systemd-resolved is disabled.

How to easily understand and mitigate the Evil DNS remote attack under linux systems? Does stopping the systemd-resolved service is sufficient to prevent the Evil DNS attack?


As per the Ubuntu security notice, the issue only affects systemd-resolved (this can be confirmed by looking at the patch fixing the issue). So a system which isn’t running systemd-resolved isn’t exposed, and stopping systemd-resolved is sufficient to prevent the attack.

This is the reason why the Debian tracker mentions “[stretch] - systemd (Minor issue, systemd-resolved not enabled by default)”, meaning that while Debian 9 does include the affected code, it’s a minor issue and won’t result in a security advisory. You can receive notification of the fix in Debian 9 or later by subscribing to the corresponding Debian bug.

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