With btrfs, it seems that there is a single opportunity to use:

-o rw,degraded

(eg, if there is a missing disk in a RAID1 configuration)

  • How can one force the degraded mount to proceed rw a second time?

  • How can one edit the filesystem device so as to pretend that it has not yet been mounted rw,degraded?

I understand there are kernel patches which remove various mount checks, however I want to patch the filesystem instead, and have all the checks still in place.


Not really an answer, but perhaps some leads...

There is a known gotcha in the wiki which affects btrfs RAID1:

When a raid1 volume is stuck as read-only [...] it can only be recovered by dumping its contents, recreating it and restoring the contents

But that's just the offical line - there is a simple kernel patch which effectively comments out the line:

goto fail_sysfs;

Which will allow multiple rw,degraded mounts.

Please shout if you find a filesystem patch!

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