I'd like to set up some kwin keyboard shortcuts that would only work when you first press a prefix. Just like Ctrl-a in screen or Ctrl-b in tmux. For example, I'd like to press Ctrl-=, 1 and have current window move and resize to the left half of the screen. Window management functionality seems to be there ("Quick Tile Window to the Left") but I don't seem to be able to define prefixed shortcuts, at least not from the GUI. I can see that default panel keyboard shortcuts are prefixed (Alt-D, A) - this would suggest that the other part of functionality is also there :)

Context: I'm trying to get partial functionality of Moom for OSX. I have it configured with Ctrl-= as prefix, and different commands are by now ingrained in my muscle memory :) I don't really use the grid bit, but half/quarter shoves are thing I use every day. If kwin (or kde) itself doesn't offer such functionality, I'm happy to use some extra software to get it.


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