I'm trying to run rsnapshot per the doc specs, to avoid race conditions. basically the docs say to run the largest interval before the smaller one, about a half hour apart, and so forth. (not using sync_first)

So, I run monthly at 1:15am on the 1st of each month, weekly at 1:45am Mondays, daily at 2:15am, and hourly at 2:45am (every 4 hours, besides the point, the important thing is that the 2:45 am is ran after daily is done.)

I want to run this successfully, without sync_first to get all the directories populated correctly. As it stands now, its fubar'ing at the weekly/monthly. the daily's and hourly's are normally working fine.

Its important for the user to know that when the hourly runs, this is the actual file copy, that sync_first would otherwise do, so the hourly needs to be run initially for the files to be there in the first place. Everything else is just a symlink copied up, unless there is a file change. Don't be confused by this, just know that hourly is the file copier.

Its also important for the user to know that the higher interval jobs knock off a directory from its lower interval, causing the lower interval to now be ran to create the new one. E.g. when monthly is ran, it knocks off the 4th weekly(actually named weekly.3 since they start at 0), then weekly needs to be ran again to get it back to 4 weeks worth, or does it? Is this my misconception, or is this my problem?

As mentioned, in cron monthly runs at 1st day of month, weekly runs on Mondays.


Do I need to run this weekly just after the monthly, on the same day, ~30 mins after the monthly runs to refill that missing weekly directory, or should i just wait until the weekly's normal day? (Monday)

The issue I can see is if I don't schedule the monthly to run on a certain day of the week (the exact day the weekly is running on), then when the monthly runs again, the daily, then hourly follows correctly, but since the 1st of the month isn't always on a Monday, the weekly isn't running right after the monthly, leaving a hole in the backups (a missing week dir).

There is a partial solution to get monthly to run on a specific day, but I'm trying to avoid this cron hack. I don't recall having an issue before on this, I'm not sure why I can't get it to flow properly now, MAYBE its fine like this? I wonder if there's no issue that weekly won't run just after monthly since the previously weekly's will still be there??

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