Last night I was debugging with GDB. The GDB is a remote Red hat machine, and I log into with putty. I didn't finish my debug last night, and I left.

But this morning when I come back ,the PuTTy is disconnect with the Ret Hat Shell, and I login the Red hat machine, find that the GDB is still runnning, but I am not in the same shell as the one in last night. How can I still use that GDB instance to keep my debugging. I don't won't to restart the whole program since it takes much time to build and run.

  • You tagged gnu-screen, which along with tmux, would have saved you, if you started your original session with them. – Jeff Schaller Jun 27 '17 at 2:09

Use a multiplexer like tmux or screen on the remote site.

In the case you use tmux:

When logged in on the remote site with putty simply start the multiplexer by executing tmux. Disconnect from tmux multiplexer by pressing CTRL-b d, than disconnect putty. When returning to the remote site list your tmux session with tmux ls and reconnect with tmux attach.

There are a lot of features to secure your session so read the contents of the links above.

I don't know a way to reconnect to your already started debugging session, so this is an advice for next time also.

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(advice for next time) Try using nohup


You can also set the heartbeat / keepalive on putty to a greater number than 0:


  • nohup won't help if the network layer connecting to the shell session has closed – roaima Jun 27 '17 at 8:10

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