I am checking different video resolutions in the grub menu by using videotest and vbetest programs and can't go back to the grub command line, after using this programs. System doesn't respond - like hanging. Only Virtualbox's "poweroff the machine" helps.

Question: How exit from this mode? May be I use this programs wrong way?

My actions:

  1. Enters to the grub menu, while booting, then go to the command mode.
  2. Run videotest 800x600

    List item

  3. Look at the new resolution example

    List item

  4. Then, after pressing any key, system stops respond and I can't go back to the grub menu. Get this screen:

    enter image description here


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On a qemu virtual machine Ctrl-Alt-Del does it (also sendkey ctrl-alt-delete in the qemu monitor; but on my machine I can simply type Ctrl-Alt-Del -- they're not special in my "desktop environment").

I'm not using virtualbox, but google says that virtualbox has a menu option (Input->Keyboard->Insert Ctrl-Alt-Del)

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