I need to send myself a database backup from a remote docker container running Ubuntu. I ssh into the container and run:

uuencode dbexport.pgsql | mail -s "DB" phk@2klic.com

It seems to hang forever so I run only the first part:

uuencode dbexport.pgsql

Which also seems to hang forever. Any suggestions to debug this?


The command to uuencode a file should be:

uuencode dbexport.pgsql dbexport.pgsql 

where the 1st name is the actual filename, and the 2nd the destination name for a possible restore in a different file.

So the correct way seems more like:

uuencode dbexport.pgsql dbexport.pgsql | mail -s "DB" phk@2klic.com

I actually prefer to install mpack

sudo apt-get install mpack

and to send an email in MIME format, would do:

mpack -s "DB" dbexport.pgsql phk@2klic.com

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