I have come across a peculiar issue while using ansible. The problem is very strange and dangerous. I have a written a code to insert data in a particular section of a file i.e to add line after [database] in say /etc/cinder/cinder.conf.

The problem is I have noticed sometimes it adds the content properly after the tag [database] , but sometimes it gets confused by seeing a line like # put ur infore here for [database] in the file and adds our required line below it instead of where it should actually put it.

   - name: Adding Entries in "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf"
      dest: "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf"
      insertafter:  "{{ item.inserts }}"
      state: present
      line: "{{ item.lines }}"
      - { inserts: '\[database\]', lines: 'rpc_backend = rabbit' }

This situation is quite dangerous in a production environment! How can I add the data correctly?

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To avoid matching in a comment, anchor your regexp to the beginning of the line:

- { inserts: '^\[database\]', lines: 'rpc_backend = rabbit' }
  • Oh God !! So silly of me to forget about this,, thanks a ton ,, I believe this would resolve my concern,, Jun 25, 2017 at 13:26
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    Jun 25, 2017 at 17:29

You can use ini_file module from general collection:

- name: Adding Entries in "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf"
    path: "/etc/cinder/cinder.conf"
    section: database
    option: rpc_backend
    value: rabbit
    backup: true

To install the collection, run

$ ansible-galaxy collection install community.general

or add it to the requirements.yaml as

  - name: community.general
    version: 5.0.1

and run

$ ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yaml

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