I am running siege, then I run the command top to monitor the process.

siege -u http://adm/login -d1 -r10 -c1000


When I run top command whole system process will run, so I need to filter. Only know this http request response. How to filter by using the top command ?

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It is possible that each distro version of top is different. You will need to check man top, but try the following.

To start top showing only process you started:

top -u <username>

Filter process (commands) while running top. For example, show only firefox:

  • Start top as per normal
  • Press o
  • Enter COMMAND=firefox then Enter

There is heaps to top, read the manual :]

  • Helpfully the prompt uses ?! add filter #3 (ignoring case) as: [!]FLD?VAL
    – Deanna
    Sep 9, 2019 at 14:56

you can filter your process generated by httpd using following command:

top | grep httpd

its working fine on my machine.

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