Not really familiar with LVM and partitionning, usually, I :

  • extend a virtual disk (where there is already a PV on it)
  • create a new partition with the new free space
  • create a new PV from it
  • add it to my volum group

My question is, can I, instead :

  • extend a virtual disk (where there is already a PV on it)
  • delete the existing partition and recreate it adding the new free space
  • extend the existing PV
  • extend the VG



I'm not quite sure what you mean by a virtual disk, but if you have a way of increasing the block device with a PV on it, you can use the pvresize command to grow the PV to the new size of the block device. Once the PV has grown, you will need to use lvextend to give more space to your selected LV; and finally, use resize2fs (assuming ext2/3/4) to grow the filesystem to use the new LV space.

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  • I mean a VMware disk for example. – Pozinux Jun 19 '17 at 21:47

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