I am trying to build a embedded Linux system for karo imx6 8033 som with 4GB SD card on it by using buildroot to build rootfs, Configuring kernel 4.11. I am using mfg tool to write the system on module. After flashing the SD card, I see that rootfs partition is just 300MB.

# df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root               282.5M    136.7M    130.8M  51% /
devtmpfs                342.1M         0    342.1M   0% /dev


TX6DL U-Boot > mmc part

Partition Map for MMC device 0  --   Partition Type: DOS

Part    Start Sector    Num Sectors     UUID            Type
  1     2048            30720           0cc66cc0-01     0c
  2     32768           614400          0cc66cc0-02     83
  3     647168          7086080         0cc66cc0-03     83

Each block is 512B so 614400*512=300MB. It is not enough for my work.

I want to learn in which step this configuration of partition is set while configuring rootfs, kernel or u-boot? MFG tool also has configuration file. If this partition is set while sending rootfs, kernel and U-boot, which parameter of MFG tool should I change to enhance the rootfs partition?

there is a way at this link after flashing the SD card. But I need a solution before flashing it.

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    It looks like your question is about the MFG tool for your board. Im guessing that your MFG tool is a script customized for your board, locate where the MFG executable lives and look at the steps. You may find it easier to 'manually' create the partitions and copy u-boot, kernel, and rootfs to the SD card. In short I think the MFG tool sets the partition size.
    – jc__
    Jun 19, 2017 at 19:45

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I find the solution. In my case, I have chanced script named ucl2.xml file in Profiles/TX6/OS FIRMWARE in MFG Tool file. karo TX6 board has 4 GB MMC, so I made changes under "LINUX-MMC" In line 104

    <CMD state="Updater" type="push" body="$ [ -b /dev/emmc ] && (echo label-id:0x0cc66cc0; echo size=30720,type=c; echo size=614400,type=83; echo type=83) | sfdisk /dev/emmc"> Partitioning...</CMD> 

first "echo size" represents first partition above. second represents second partition. just add second partition "Num Sectors" with third partition "Num Sectors" and change the 614400 with 7700480

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