I have a Debian setup where rootfs is on a btrfs subvolume which is on a lvm partition which is on a luks partition which is on disk-A2 (disk-A||disk-A2||luks||lvm||btrfs||rootfs)

I just copied my btrfs subvolume to disk-B2||luks||mylvm||btrfs||my-new-subvolume, changed appropriate lines in my-new-subvolume/etc/fstab and my-new-subvolume/etc/crypttab, changed appropriate grub.cfg lines (the UUID's) and rebooted.

Unfortunately initramfs is unable to determine that it has to try to open disk-B with cryptsetup. It continuously shows some messages and drops me into the initramfs shell.

I also tried to replace old uuid's with new one in initramfs/conf/conf.d/cryptroot but there is no luck.

How can I tell initramfs that it has to try to open disk-B via Grub cmdline?

  • When you're dropped at the (initramfs) shell, use cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/disk-B2 crypt (or similar) to decrypt your disk, then activate your VG via vgchange -ay. Exit the shell, the initramfs should find your root FS now (if the root= argument on your kernel command line is correct) and start the boot process. One booted, run update-initramfs -u and reboot to see it that helped. – Ferenc Wágner Jun 17 '17 at 15:36

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