I would like to disable mtu_bypass from within a file. I saw that you can use chdev to do it with a command, but I would rather specify the setting within a file using puppet.

Does anyone know which file / syntax is used to disable mtu instead of doing it with a command?


  • It is a device setting; you could, in theory, put a chdev command in a startup script. – Jeff Schaller Jun 16 '17 at 12:18
  • @JeffSchaller what I don't understand is if it is a device setting, how it is not stored anywhere? It must be otherwise when I reboot it will be lost. – jacksonecac Jun 16 '17 at 14:49

You cannot.

AIX stores device configuration in ODM (files), which you manipulate via commands (e.g. chdev).

For mtu_bypass in particular, see this Developerworks article by Chris Gibson: New virtual Ethernet adapter attribute for largesend on AIX where it says:

The new attrribute is called mtu_bypass and can be changed with the chdev command ...

chdev -l en1 -a mtu_bypass=on

and queried with the command:

lsattr -El en1 -a mtu_bypass

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