I'm trying, for 6 months, to resume my old netbook, a Packarbell Dot s2 (i686). I'm trying to install on that Ubuntu, and there is no problem but no wifi is found. In the pc there is this chip: Wifi Chip but I don't find any driver to work with it or, I don't know if it is possible, it can be switched off. I remember that, when on this netbook there was windows, with keyboard combination Fn+F2 I could turn it off/on, and now no wifi led is on. There is some thing that I can do with ubuntu to understand if is recognise and switch it on?


The "atk5k" driver should work with that card, but it can get crafty.

The card is quite old, so all I could find are docs for ubuntu 9.10, still it is worth a try:


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  • The wifi on that card is actually an AR9285 which is supported by ath9k. Another card is marked AR5B195 and it uses the same wifi along with the AR3012 bluetooth – Jeremy31 Jun 21 '17 at 9:52

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