How can I write grep pattern in multiple lines, inside bash script? Like that:

grep -o -P '
' input.txt

When I wrote php programs, I could do so. Now tried this in the bash script - it doesn't work. It is very unhandy write all in one line :(

May be exist option, which allows formatting inside pattern, that is, grep doesn't notice whitespaces (spaces and newlines), when this option is enabled.

grep version:

grep -V
grep (GNU grep) 2.25

grep takes newlines as separating different patterns. But you could save the pattern in a variable, and then remove the whitespace before passing it to grep:

$ ws=$' \t\n'
$ pat=$'a b\nc'
$ echo abcd | grep "${pat//[$'\n\t ']}"

(Didn't test with anything more complex.)


Even with -P which enables (?x:) you can't ignore newlines. For spaces and tabs, it works:

echo abab | grep -P $'(?x:a b a\tb)'

But newline doesn't work the same way:

echo ab | grep -P $'(?x:a\nb)'
grep: the -P option only supports a single pattern

At least in GNU grep 2.16.

  • Isn't that a bug? It seems distinctly not perl-compatible. – bukzor Jul 28 '18 at 16:06

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